From Calcutta, the distance of Balasore is around 275 k.m.s. Again, Chandipur is 16 k.m.s distant from Balasore district. The vicinity of Chandipur in geographical term is approx 30

In a word, Chandipur could be described as, ‘The Land of Hidden Treasures’. The Sea (Bay of Bengal) beach here, is surely one among the finest sea beaches of India. But, with a plus, here the water recedes 3kms. off shore and proceeds rhythmically after a regular interval everyday 

The lonely beach, whispering melody of dancing tamarisk trees, the cool breeze creates a fantastic mood for you and your fiancee. Your dreamy ride by car/auto from Balasore to Chandipur (16kms.) could be ornamented by the series of ‘keya’ and ‘keshew’ trees over both sides of the road. 

The swooned walking of you and your companion through the left corner of the shore could be ended over to the mouth of the river ‘BUDIBALAM’. This place has got the uniqueness of its own called BALARAMGUDI. The bewitching melancholic waves of the river, solitary tunes of the endlessly spreaded sand dunes sometime makes you to sing your favourite song or may turn you to be outburst of passion. The prolonged riverside here has created an enchanting melody of nature.